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Pro Tools Course | Miami

Learn all the fundamentals of creating music and how to arrange it within the latest iteration of Pro Tools 12. Our course has been designed to cover the basics; the hows and whys you need to know in order to take a Pro Tools session from initial set-up right through to the final mix. Along the way, our students will cover how to record and edit MIDI and digital audio. And then how to mix these recordings using ‘plug-ins’- processing effects that enhance and augment what has been captured for the project. Students will learn to apply what they learn in class to recording projects under the watchful eye of one of our instructors. Whether you’re a producer, songwriter, composer or an audio engineer, this course takes you by the hand and guides you through the full process of realising a full song from inception to conclusion. We’ll also do our very best to instill the good practice of housekeeping in all our students – ensuring your work is backed up at every stage of the way!

Our roster is full of certified instructors who use easy-to-follow techniques to lead project-based examples so that everyone is instructed in a straightforward, practical and fun way. You’ll feel supported and nurtured at every step, from the most basic music creation to the implementation of much more sophisticated production chops.



Upon completion of our Pro Tools course, students should be able to:

  • Create and maintain a Pro Tools session or project
  • Set up and record both MIDI and digital audio
  • Import audio and video into a Pro Tools session
  • Have mastered basic editing techniques
  • Employ basic mixing and routing techniques to sessions
  • See a project through to conclusion, with all assets safely backed-up


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    Sharing and learning from a legendary Producer/Engineer is priceless and incredible.

    Pablo Toscano

    The course is very friendly and engaging. Any and all questions will be asked with no hesitation or frustration, and it helps everyone else in the class that might have the same question in mind.

    Ryan Conway

    Affordable classes with a lot of knowledgeable teachers that are down to earth and easy going... amazing teachers.

    Anthony C

    The instructor was great. He was extremely good at explaining things and always gave us enough time to put what we were learning into practice. Most importantly, he is passionate about music and actually enjoys teaching which really makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

    Reggie Chelsom

    It’s a great school and have great teachers. Some schools care only about fancy gear in the classroom and forget about the essential: the teachers!

    João Gama

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