Hit Songwriting Course

Hit Songwriting Course

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Hit Songwriting Course | Miami

Why is it that you can create songs that sound good to you, but industry still feel that they aren’t hits? Have you done your homework with regard to reading theory and watching hit-making tutorials on YouTube and it makes no difference? Panic not! This top-line songwriting course is going to show you what you need to know – where other sources are either unable or unwilling to do so. The concepts we share are designed to draw the hit songwriter out of you! Our Miami-based hit songwriting course can show you how to write hits – either for yourself or for today’s current artists.


Creating Top Line

  • How to put together powerful melodies and strong lyric ideas for tracks.
  • Understanding harmonic and melodic phrasing and movement.

Outstanding Lyric Writing

  • How to extract maximum impact for your lyrics by making them more emotive and detailed.
  • Creating relatable lyrics for today’s sounds, with an emphasis on interesting concepts. How to intensify and spin common topics – and conventional lyrical concepts that always work.

Understanding Melody and Harmony

  • Understanding music theory to help construct melodies.
  • Using melodic patterns in broad appeal pop music.
  • Understanding intervals in harmonic and melodic composition.
  • Which came first – lyric or melody?
  • Creative exercises specifically designed to extract your own brand of creativity while building confidence.


The Business Perspective

  • Analysis of current and historic billboard hits to uncover patterns in writing, arranging and construction.
  • Exploration of publishing, song pitching and the role of PR.
  • Pitching songs to artists on the latest ‘looking lists’.
  • How to interpret songwriting briefs, and understanding the demographic you’re writing for.
  • Tips and tricks and the politics of being a songwriter.
  • Analysis of examples created at different camps.
  • Analysis of what’s successful.
  • Understanding royalties, splits, publishing deals and so on.
  • Brand and marketing yourself and your music employing social media.
  • Co-writing etiquette.

Studio collaboration opportunity – the chance to compose a top-line for a project that may get pitched to an artist.

Our Instructors!

If you miss a session and you’d like to catch it up, or you’d just like to come back and repeat some or all of your course, you can do free of charge on the cycle of your choice as long as we can fit you in!

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    My songs that were already finished were improved significantly, when I didn't think there was much room to improve. My writing ability and originality also increased. Casey is patient, but also honest, and it's exactly what I needed to get my music to another level. She was always open to hear original songs and give feedback, and was very good with answering questions even if they were asked more than once. If I could take the course myself again I totally would.

    Evan Frazer

    Learned about song structure theoretically, but also about how to implement it. We saw what a songwriting session looks like, and how to get past obstacles that are common to those types of creative marathons.

    Michael Wiener

    I would recommend this course to my friends that love music and creating their own songs. I definitely have learnt so much and loved everything about it.

    Brianna O'Connor

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