Electronic Music Producer Program


1. Beats & Pieces
2. Techniques & Workflow
3. Synthesis & Sound Design
4. Mixing & Mastering
5. Remixing & Sound Art
6. Finishing Your Masterpiece & Artist Development

Electronic Music Producer Program | Miami

This program has been designed for aspiring producers wanting to get serious with Ableton Live Suite and provides 120 hours of extremely high quality training and mentoring (not including additional studio time). Students will work on creating and refining their own release-worthy compositions whilst working towards their certificate during a 6-level music production course.

Students will cover sampling, audio manipulation techniques and advanced synthesis to build upon their existing musical and production chops. Also covered will be an expansion of their knowledge of Ableton Live, with emphasis placed on integrating that knowledge into using Push 2 hardware. This approach perfectly showcases how to use your DAW effectively and efficiently. Next up is a thorough exploration of track analytics to enable understanding of the professional techniques used to make your favorite songs. We get stuck into the how’s of music production courtesy of dynamic hands-on exercises.

Thoroughly delving into Ableton Live Suite, students will cover all facets of music production using this game-changing DAW, as well as using Ableton Live Suite’s amazing add-ons with the best of Max4Live devices. They will also learn the highly individual art of sound design using Serum – this being the only 3rd party software that we use on the course. Students will be shown how to utilise the program’s content to its best advantage, tailoring its processing power to students’ own production style. Mentoring sessions are factored into the course to ensure this happens to optimise students’ understanding and practice.

In case this all comes across as a little intimidating, rest assured that the course has been very much designed with the beginner in mind, as well as people who have a basic grounding in using Ableton at home. It’s for people who want to produce quality music from scratch, with like-minded groups of no more than 8 people in an intimate and nurturing environment. Emphasis is placed on fun (the best way to earn!) and not on competition for attention.

On our courses, students can reduce the course price by choosing to use their own laptop if they wish. They can then get help with customising their set-up to suit their own taste – which has the added benefit of looking exactly the same at home as it does in the classroom. However, to use one of our superbly-equipped iMacs, all you need do is add a $100 supplement to book one – at the same time as you book your course. We will provide headphones and controller keyboards for everyone as standard.

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If you're trying to establish connections with local artists that have made a name for themselves in LA (the instructors) than this is a great program to join. You get to talk with them about their personal experiences and get a lot of really good inside tips about production from a professional point of view. Highly recommended. Not just to learn, but to make connections.

Zach Klein

I took this course to build a stable foundation in Ableton. What I got was not only a foundation, but and incredible amount of knowledge that surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take that next progression from DJ’n to producing. I now have the full confidence to open up Ableton and make a full blown production from scratch. I have Garnish and their awesome teachers to thank for that!

Corey Aguilar

I would highly recommend Garnish because besides providing the technical aspects of the course material, the teachers are very knowledgeable about not only Ableton but music production in general, which is a huge help. Garnish provides a great environment for music producers from all walks of life.

Terry Pham

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