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Music Production School Summer Camp

Music Production School Summer Camp | Miami

Our Music Production School Summer Camps have become popular for all age groups. You learn music production software inside out, then get to grips with synthesis and mixing, so by the end you will have a good understanding of programming drums, bass, editing vocals, sampling bits from other records, recording, mixing, creating your own unique sound, and get an insight into the music industry too. You will compose, mix and master your very own song, and by the end, it should be fit for the dance floor and/or radio!

Camp 1 is based in Ableton Live 10, and is more popular with DJs who want to make the leap and produce their own electronic music.

Camp 2 is based in Logic Pro X, and is for aspiring singer/songwriters and producers of contemporary/pop music.

All GMP learners worldwide on this course qualify for a 40% EDU discount on Ableton software. Apple do not offer discounts on Logic Pro X for students, but it is one of the more affordable DAWs.

Are you ready to get serious with your music? Our superior roster of music production instructors are waiting to share their expertise and give you expert feedback on your tracks.

  • Learn to use your music production software efficiently, to get results, fast.
  • Learn synthesis and sound design to create the sounds you hear in your head for your songs.
  • Learn the science of recording, so vocals and everything else you record sound full and professional.
  • Learn the art of mixing to make your masterpiece sound fabulous.
  • Learn how to master your track so it’s loud, but still dynamic.
  • Learn how to get noticed and market yourself.

Students these days like to use their own laptops on our courses if they have them, so we have made space in our studios for people who wish to do just that, and altered the price structure keeping the course fee low, but have a supplement of $149 for those students who wish to hire a school iMac loaded with all the software required. Students with laptops need the latest version of their software installed and ready to go.

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    I would recommend this to a friend because it teaches more than just the software

    Aaron Rodriguez

    I learned so much. My music has been transformed and got much more complex and interesting. I feel more comfortable using the program and therefore am more likely to create

    Oscar Logeais

    Taking this course will make music producers advance at such a fast pace. You learn as much in a month as you would in a year learning online!!!

    Karla Nicole Acosta

    It was really inspiring and your school really cares about the students and their passion

    Ben Sie