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Garnish Music Production’s Electronic Music Academy program has been put together to get you making the music you love. Keeping classes small for focused learning, we will take the beginner through everything they need to know – in a program that’s supported by Ableton, Native Instruments, and Apple. It all starts with familiarizing students with their music production software and takes them right through to the point where they are mastering their first EP! By applying themselves, students can fully realize their potential with the help and support of our superior roster of friendly, informative instructors at our boutique facility.

The work itself is a healthy mix of time spent on projects both in and out of our studios, where the course structure has been devised to allow time for mentoring, writing, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering. Our commercial mixing and mastering facility can be booked by all of our students at no additional cost. And by very association, all students will also have access to our worldwide network of alumni.

Our music production school was the first in the world to offer the Music Grades System for music production, and Garnish are proud to be able to say that all Comprehensive Academy learners worldwide can take a Grade 6, 7, or 8 examination.

Creating Sketches and Ideas in Ableton

Within weeks of beginning classes, we are confident that students will be getting to grips with this revolutionary DAW. They will enjoy true hands-on instruction, discovering just why it’s the DAW of choice for getting ideas going for producers of electronic music. There’s no better way of learning the key concepts of the Ableton Live experience. Better yet, all GMP students will qualify for a 40% discount on Ableton.

Electronic Music Composition

So much of composition in electronic music is believed to adhere to a drag-n-drop mentality, but at GMP we really rate using tools that show which chords work well together, so there’s more hit and less miss! We’ll provide these to you, showing you how to program chords that work together, as well as bass lines that groove and lead lines that hook. In other words, the very building blocks of a big tune!

Audio Engineering

The EMP course covers the practical science side of audio engineering and recording. It teaches the stuff you need to know: recording techniques, tricks and tips, and there’s a particular emphasis put on the capture and producing of vocals. It doesn’t matter whether our students sing or not – knowing how to produce, coach and encourage other singers is business-critical! The lead vocal is still so integral to the song that we deem in utterly essential to have great understanding of all aspects of it. Performance is as important as production, post-production or microphone choice… and the more you know, the better. It’s not obligatory to sing, of course – but you’ll want to get all over the techniques we’ll be covering.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is still a very popular choice among producers of electronic music – not least because of its sound quality and suitability for finishing (arranging and mixing) tracks in comparison to Ableton. For these reasons, we also prioritize learning how to use Logic Pro X in addition to Ableton. We put students through officially recognized training and then an examination, so that they become an Apple Certified Pro in Logic Pro X. This means that they leave with a further qualification at the completion of their program. For the purposes of flexibility, students can choose when they take this class from our production course schedule, meaning that it can be taken either during or after they’ve completed their Academy program.

I switched to Ableton from Logic many years ago, but after some A/Bing in my studio recently, I could hear that Logic sounded better than Ableton so I decided I needed to brush up in Logic to get the best of both worlds. I called Garnish who are best known in the industry and, of course the guys were great and got me back up to speed in no time” Jamie Jones

Mixing & Mastering

Our mix engineer covers how to set up their home studio acoustically and can even set them off down the path of becoming an acoustician! Other subjects that will be covered are: in-depth EQing, dynamic controllers, mixing vocals, filling out the frequency spectrum, and how to generate a huge sound from just a few elements – and then how to make all of their parts cohere to become a single sound. And of course there will be ample opportunity to explore the many incredible plug-ins that all the best mix engineers use.

Electronic Sound Design

Whilst it can be said that many professional electronic music producers fail to employ many more techniques than subtractive synthesis during their careers, the same cannot be said of our program. As well as covering subtractive, we’ll also look at wavetable, additive, granular, and frequency-modulated synthesis. Further, we’ll also look at sampling, resampling, glitch and other more sophisticated beat-making techniques within the Sound Design aspect of the course, helping students towards developing their own sound.

Advanced Ableton & Synthesis

By the time they get to this point in the program, students will have ‘gone deeper’ than many professional producers in terms of developing their sound design skills. Here, they get to go deeper still as they are introduced to wavetable, additive, and Max4Live devices. Also covered here: advanced warping, advanced sampling, and Racks & Chains. At the end of this advanced module, we explore how to specifically apply these advanced skills to music for media like TV and film.

Live Performance

Live performance introduces fresh disciplines, and these are covered by concentrated mentoring sessions that focus on finishing off students’ projects. Advice will be tailored to individual needs and Ableton Live for performance will be introduced using Push 2.

Marketing & Branding

Knowing how to build one’s own EPK (Electronic Press Kit) should be considered an essential skill, as any freelancing music producer will want to be able to effectively market and brand themselves. It’s a perfect way to conclude the program, and covers how to gain genuine followers on social media and also how to extract the most from digital distribution.

Over 430 hours of tuition and uncapped studio time | $7999 + $300 registration fee | Payment plans

Academic Year | Three 10-week terms | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 11.30a – 6.30p

Term 1: 2nd Tuesday of September; Term 2: 2nd Tuesday of January; Term 3: Last Tuesday of April

Two Year Weekend | Six 10-week terms | Sundays | 11a – 6p

Term 1 & 4: 3rd Sun. of September; Term 2 & 5: 2nd Sun. of January; Term 3 & 6: Last Sun. of April (x2)

Two Year Evenings | Six 10-week terms | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 7p – 10p

Term 1 & 4: 3rd Tues. of September; Term 2 & 5: 2nd Tues. of January; Term 3 & 6: Last Tues. of April (x2)

Six Months (Two Ten-Week Terms) | Monday, Wednesday, and Friday | 11.30a – 6.30p

Term 1: January 28 | Term 2: April 22

Bespoke private tuition is also available for the whole program. Contact us for more information.

Free this year: optional Hit Songwriting classes and mentoring from our Songwriting Music Academy.

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The course does a good job of expressing the importance of all aspects of music. Art of flow, synthesis, business, and marketing/branding are all building blocks of the aspiring musician pyramid. Armed with knowledge from each category (and of course good work ethic), anyone can navigate the long, crazy road to becoming a successful and happy musician.

Daniel Ferenbach

Class sizes were perfect, so there was a great balance of one on one instruction and instruction on broad topics.

Adam Booker

The course was very enjoyable, challenging, and fulfilling. The Garnish School is a great space to learn the fundamentals essential to becoming a strong, well-developed music producer. The instructors took the time to teach & explain complex software techniques, and designed special classes to illustrate specific aspects of music making,  and vocal recording techniques. The instructors were varied in their careers & producing styles, making for well-rounded instruction. The instructors were fun to engage with and were interested in building the students and our experiences. I'm so happy this school came to LA from London, and that I made the commitment to complete this course. I feel ready to jump forward and continue working on my music. Thanks to all the Garnish instructors and to Dave for creating this fantastic school!

Spencer Barnes @jaemisson

The Electronic Music Academy is a good time and super informative. I've been writing and producing music for the past year. There was so much I wanted to transcribe from my mind to my DAW, but I just didn't fully know how. Fortunately, the EMA course changed that in just a few short weeks. Very exciting! Not to mention the Garnish LA folks are super cool.

Patricia Seely

I came in knowing literally nothing and now I can make a quality track in just a day or two. Simple as that.

Jason Heffler @fluenceemusic

The course helped me learn exactly what I wanted to learn and more. It was super hands-on, which will help me retain what I learned in the course for a long time.

Benjamin S Shirken

I loved the small classes that made it easy to interact with the instructor and let you tailor the course to your needs and areas of improvement.


I went to school at Stanford for three years and had been taught by many great professors. But I'm thoroughly convinced that my Ableton teacher in the Electronic Music Academy was the best teacher I've ever had. The way he mixes new content, exercises, and little projects is really affective, and I felt like I could do pretty much whatever I want in Ableton.

William Huang

A lot of knowledgable teachers that are down to earth and easy going… amazing school all round!

Anthony C

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