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Teaching Excellence: Our instructors not only bring real-world experience but also excel in the art of teaching. We prioritize educators who understand the importance of effective teaching practices, such as the Spacing Effect, Interleaving, Gamification, and many more, up our sleeves! We don’t just hire anyone who’s had success in the industry – they need to have both!

Proven Success Stories: Our training has propelled individuals to achieve remarkable milestones. Explore the testimonials on our homepage to witness firsthand accounts of those who have thrived under our guidance. Our diverse clientele includes names like Natasha Bedingfield, Gracie & Rachel, Jaime Jones, Aluna George, Cecile Beleive, Paris Hilton, and the list goes on, showcasing the breadth of our impact.

Global Presence and Continuous Enhancement: With locations spanning the globe, our network comprises of a diverse community of students and staff. Every class we conducted since 2009 in many locations, has contributed to our continuous refining and improving process.

Founder’s Expertise: At our core is founder Dave Garnish, whose extensive industry background includes London’s pirate radio scene (Don FM) in the ’90s, throwing renowned club nights in the ’00s, collaborating with Paradise and Faith for NYE spectaculars, pop songwriting success, while signed to Universal Music, was a DAW beta tester for Logic Pro, and has worked in prestigious studios, including Abbey Road, Olympic, Townhouse, and Air. The latter being hired by George Martin himself. Dave’s expertise ensures that everything we do reflects the pinnacle of relevant knowledge.