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Noisy Strings

Let´s make some sound design today.

I want to make some noise strings with the brand new Wavetable synthesizer from Ableton 10.

First, I want a slow amplifier envelope, so the maximum point of the sound does’t happen immediately, and neither ends abruptly after releasing the keys.

For the source of the sound, I´m going to choose the first wavetable from the Retro folder, Echoes, and I´m going to modulate the position of the wavetable with the LFO2, which I programmed very slow, 0.01 Hz, sine wave, and very important that it DOES NOT re-trigger, so ´R´should be off. In this way, the modulation keeps going even if we play a new note.

The same LFO2 is going to modulate the position of the second oscillator, which is the first wavetable of the Noise folder, and the LFO2 is modulating one of the parameters of the Modern fx section, Fold. Warp is modulated by the first LFO, which has been programmed to a sixteenth note of modulation, half second of attack so the oscillation does not happen immediately. The same LFO 1 is used to modulate the filter frequency, which is as well modulated negatively by the second envelope, so the cutoff bounce towards zero in a very short period of time, creating a sweet swing in the frequency.

Finally, we add a sub oscillator two octaves down, and the beautiful unison, which is a way to detuned and fatten the sound.

The modulation matrix ended up being like this:

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