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Steps to Successful Songwriting

I hope everyone would agree with me that there is a difference between a songwriter and a successful songwriter. Not every songwriter kisses success. It’s not easy! While the songwriting is purely a creative process, it involves the mindset, as well as the habits of the songwriter. If you want to attain success as a songwriter, you must allow yourself to obtain what you need with your career. Now, look at few things that are important in order to attain success as a songwriter.

Step 1: Realize the Purpose of Songwriting

If you want to reach somewhere, you must first know where you should go. I mean your destination here. Likewise, if you want to be successful in your songwriting journey, you must first start visualizing where you want to be in the future. Yes, this should sound obvious to you. But, the truth is that it’s neglected very often. Many times, I could come across the songwriters who are traveling with the mindset that something will happen to them and without knowing what that thing is. So, as a first step, you must define yourself and realize your purpose of songwriting.

Step 2: Write a Lot

Although it seems difficult, I would recommend you to have at least ten songs in your hands before you start playing them for people. For some of you, this number would be shocking. But never ever keep a step forward until you have some songs (minimum of 10) that you think that are competitive and commercially valuable. For most of the songwriters, getting ten songs with such value would demand writing more than 100 songs. But believe me, these efforts will pay off in the future.

Step 3: Start Playing your Songs

So, you have ten competitive songs with you. Now you can start playing your songs to the people. In this, I would recommend you to start with a public performance organization. If you have subscribed with “American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers”, “Broadcast Music, Inc.”, or “SESAC”, you can start from there. If not, then you need to meet them as soon as possible. I would say that getting a supporter at one of these organizations will be the best thing to do in songwriting success. Meet them and start your success journey from there.

So, there you go! After this, you can move forward to meeting song pluggers or publishers. With this, you can be certain about your success. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep writing!

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