We Interview DJ/Producer Sydney Blu

Check out our Devious Soul interview with DJ/Producer Sydney Blu.

Top DJ and producer Sydney Blu is now residing in LA and we decided to have a Q&A session with her to find out what makes her tick both on the decks and in the studio.

Originally from Canada, Sydney became the first female electronic producer to ever have a top 10 hit on Beatport and is just as comfortable behind the mixing desk as she is headlining clubs and events all over the world. These include Space (Ibiza), Republiq (Manila), El Pacha (Tunisia, Africa), Eazy Club (Sao Paulo, Brazil), BPM Festival (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico), Avalon (Los Angeles), The End (Colombia) and she even closed out the Deadmau5 Meowingtons Hax Tour to 25,000 people in Toronto.

Plus with production support from the likes of,Riva Starr, Kevin Saunderson , Stacey Pullen , Technasia , Carlo Lio, Roger Sanchez and Funkagenda its great to have a chance to chat with Sydney about all things dance music. 

So where did the name Sydney Blu originate from?
It was just a joke. Sydney is my family’s common name but it was my mother’s middle name. Blu was a bird I had which was my first pet. Sometimes people call it ‘your pornstar name or your soap opera name’. It stuck. 

How did you get started in DJing?

When I was in college I went and saw my first DJ in a HOUSE club and it changed my life and inspired me. I bought a set of Technic 1200s and the rest is history.

Did being a female DJ help or hinder your early career progress?

I think it did both at times so I don’t think it matters. I usually would say no to this question because I rarely pay attention to the fact that I’m female.

Personal highlights on the turntables?

Playing for 35,000 people in Toronto with Deadmau5, Ultra Music Festival three times, touring the world, Egypt for a 5,000 people at a White Party, Space Ibiza and so many more incredible places around the world. I’ve had some amazing shows and I feel lucky and blessed to be able to do what I do.

Any major fails’ along the way?

There are never fail, only lessons! I‘ve had lot’s of those 

Did you start producing straight away?

No, I started producing in 2005 approximately and it was hard. I wasn’t that great with computers but I got better every year and I’m still working to get better at it today.

Did you take any courses to help you learn?

Yes Audio Engineering in school , Ableton Live courses and then private Ableton lessons after that.

Any ‘go to ‘synths or software in the armoury?

Sylenth for most of my tracks and I also like Nexus and sometimes an old school Roland or Moog synth with some built in vintage sounds is always good. I’m also considering getting an Ableton Push soon. 

Any tips for DJs or producers who are just starting out?

Yes, balance. Work hard; don’t focus on one thing too much. Most importantly write music from the heart.

What do you think of the current state of the dance music industry?

I think it’s interesting. It’s huge. I don’t pay attention to EDM or big room stuff at all anymore so I couldn’t even comment about that, and I prefer it that way. I play house, deep, and tech house. I’m very happy with that. 

Any major plans for the future?

I have an album coming out this year I’ve been working on day and night to finish. Just to continue on with my music & traveling until I’m ready to take a rest. I’m not ready for any resting yet though!

Grab Sydney’s latest release ‘Motivate’ on Hotfingers which has just come out!

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